Hi, it's Jada here, or Jada-Ashley. Jadashley. Jadakiss. J. JHawk. JJ. Jadie. Jades. Jadeshades. Carrottop. J12. JHawk... or anything else you can come up with. Welcome to my life. I'm seventeen and living the dream. I am officially a Barnard babe, and I cannot wait to move in this fall. 82 days left. New York here I come. I'm dying to embrace my new empire state of mind.
Textual Eruption
Day at the Renaissance Faire! We got matching flower crowns! 😂✌️

#marseille #france

Cathedral de la Major, Marseille by Ophelia photos, via Flickr

J’ai encore rêve d’elle… Cours Julien, Marseille - 2014

Proche Cours Julien. Juillet 2014.

White sand, cold can, koozie in my hand, just a summertime strolling. Chillin’, breezing, sippin’, singin’ whoa. #Beachin (at Rockaway Beach 97st)
IMAXin’ with Morgan Freeman #LemursInMadagascar @khoeger21  (at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History)
Solidifies my love for open lands #screwNYC #daydrinking #bestfriendin #dcfortheweekend #morningfromthecapital #yolo @khoeger21
#hbd @elliedurelgeorge #picsfromlastnight
My #pcp superlative made my day.