Hi, it's Jada here, or Jada-Ashley. Jadashley. Jadakiss. J. JHawk. JJ. Jadie. Jades. Jadeshades. Carrottop. J12. JHawk... or anything else you can come up with. Welcome to my life. I'm seventeen and living the dream. I am officially a Barnard babe, and I cannot wait to move in this fall. 82 days left. New York here I come. I'm dying to embrace my new empire state of mind.
Textual Eruption
Amal brought the photo booth pics! @nmmnino #drapercompetition
columbia & harvard #thetas @sarahyeester @ryleyreynolds @kappa_alpha_theta (at Rite Aid)
New best friend Mrs. Ruby Snodgrass! #AthenaDigitalDesign #ADDA #drapercompetition
Crashed @elizabethdeluna ‘s interview with Lida, CEO and cofounder of Hanky Panky / Barnard alumna!
Athena Digital Design Pitch Practice. #DraperCompetition #Guyas #WhoRunTheWorldGIRLS #Flawless

When I was 12 years old I moved to Dubai, a city known for its luxury, financial opportunities, and wildly international community.
Mentorship vs. Sponsorship
The Liberal Arts Education
I’ve Found My Flow
Disappointed in all of my friends for not stopping me before it was to late. At least I’ll have a job after college. #CSMajor (at Barnard College)
Happy Mardi Gras

The more time I spend away from New Orleans the easier it is to function. Slowly and slowly I stop missing being back home, except for today.
I Woke Up Like This #Flawless

There is this saying … “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.” I respect that, because Beyoncé has clearly worked hard for where she is today.
3:30 #3137Hackathon someone kill me! #CSMajors (at John Jay Dining Hall)

I am ugly. I am not worth loving. I am lonely. I am stupid—why can’t I just be consistent with my diet?